R E N D E R E Y E multimedia studios

We provide feature film Blu-ray and DVD production as well as, motion graphic design, 3d visualizations, and a full spectrum of multimedia solutions. Select from our extensive list of services for more information. Send us an email info@rendereye.com and get a quote or check on our upcoming schedule. Or give us a call 860.821.0204 and a multimedia specialist will get right back with you.

R E N D E R E Y E multimedia

Customer service is key to our multimedia department. We specialize in creating multimedia presentations and applications to put the emphasis on your product. We can build custom CD-ROM interfaces that are cross-platform and duplicate thousands with full color print. We can author interactive PDF's and compress your video from any source to any delivery method or codec available. We offer multiple format video/audio encoding.

R E N D E R E Y E dvd

We have the experience of authoring hundreds of DVD's ranging from looping attract reels for CES to Hollywood feature films. Our compressionists use hardware based encoders which allow for frame accurate chapter points and segment based re-encoding. And our DVD authoring takes advantage of the full DVD specification for highly interactive programming. We premaster to DLT or to DDP Image files and support copy protection options such as CSS, Macrovision and RipGuard. We can also output to DVD-R and duplicate in any quantity. We have a QC lab which can do image and file analysis and we specialize in re-authoring existing content. We can design both still menus and full motion menus leveraging our design departmant and an extensive 3d toolset. We also offer Blu-ray HDMV creation. 1080p with HD motion menus and support for multiple audio streams and multiple subtitles. We can burn BD-R/RE discs or output to DLT or DDP Image for Replication.

R E N D E R E Y E sd/hd

With can work with just about any legacy format you have, PAL or NTSC - HDCAM, DVC-PRO HD, HD D5, HDV, DBeta, DVCAM, DVCPRO, DV, BSP, 3/4", 1"C, VHS and more. We offer complete editing, capture and conversion services. We can capture from tape to hard drive or go from drive to tape. Standards conversions, HD up and down conversions and aspect ratio conversions.

R E N D E R E Y E 3d

3d stills and animation for visualizations and VFX. 3d is optimal for adding realistic elements to apps and games and for Architectural pre-vis. Our artists leverage their skills across all the major 3d software packages to offer our customers all the advantages. High quality animation is nothing without photo realistic rendering and we have many rendering solutions to choose from. Most are available for use on our own state of the art render farm.

R E N D E R E Y E design

We have a staff of designers who are available to help you all your print and packaging needs. From creative consultation to full prepress solutions, you can count on the RENDEREYE design team. Our team of dedicated professionals can help you every step of the way with your print projects.

Some Of Our Services Include:

  • Blu-ray Authoring and Encoding

  • Script Writing

  • 3d Motion Tracking

  • 3d Set Extension

  • Video And Film Special Effects

  • Video Editing and Post Production


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